Newsletter, December, 2017

Love opens all doors, no matter how tightly closed they may be, no matter how rusty from lack of use. Your work is to bring unity and harmony, to open all those doors which have been closed for a long time. Have patience and tolerance. Open your heart all the time.


End the Year with Joy! Yin Yoga for the Heart!

December 16, 2017

Studio Moesstraat 47, Groningen


Going deeper within ourselves to find the place where all healing begins!


Releasing deep stagnations, tensions, mental fog and opening the space for deep healing, clarity, renewal and joy.


This practice targets the heart meridian where our true self resides! By releasing and opening the connective tissues in those areas we bring forth the characteristics of our true self: joy, spontaneity, love, compassion.


We use specific essential oils that target the same goal with their therapeutic properties.


This workshop will take place in the afternoon to allow the evening and night sleep to keep with the deep work.


We work with the deeper tissues such as ligaments, tendons, bones while the muscles are fully relaxed. Regular practice is necessary to allow these tissues to become more flexible, healthier and restored.


Light snack and tea are provided after the workshop!


Tuition is 20 euros.


Final registration is December 10.

Minimum amount of attendees is 5 and maximum is 15.

Please, register by sending an email to

Deep Release, Yin Yoga and Essential Oils

January 7, 2018

Zetveld 10, De Wilp


Have you kept busy during the holidays? Would you like to start the year anew and release any old patterns that no longer serve you?


This 2 hour yin yoga practice works on the deeper tissues, such as tendons, ligaments, bones. We learn to completely relax in the poses while releasing deeper tensions and accumulated stress.


We will go briefly over the key elements of yin yoga and dive in the practice. We will also be using essential oils to deepen the effect.


Yin yoga is a meditative style of yoga and a lot of the effect happens on a much deeper level. 


Enjoy a cup of tea after the practice in our cozy studio.

Tuition: 20 euros


Final registration: January 4, 2018

Minimum amount of attendees: 3

Yin Yoga Nidra

January 13, 2018

Studio Moesstraat 47, Groningen


The holiday season always has more stress: a pattern of doing more, eating worse, sleeping less, drinking more. By the time the family gathering rolls around, you are worn out, tense, and fragile. Holiday stress makes it harder to cope with your family than it might at other times of the year. Being realistic, and seeking support can help with stress reactions. Find some of that help by relaxing with Yin Yoga Nidra after the holiday season. Do it for yourself and for your loved ones.


Yin Yoga is a practice of releasing muscle engagement. Focus on accessing the connective tissues (ligaments, tendons) and joints. Promote flexibility and focus. Help restore moisture to the fascia that aging and non-use depletes. 


Yin Yoga is the perfect balance to an active yang life style.

Yin poses are still, deep, and quiet. The atmosphere of class is unhurried, internal, and relaxed, with a focus on self-exploration and discovery. You are encouraged to experiment with the poses, since skeletal variation—the proportion and orientation of the bones—is different for each person. Alignment is everything but not the same for every body. Understanding how anatomical differences affect joint mobility helps you to appreciate your own unique range of motion.


For Yin Yoga, mats, blocks, pillows, bolsters and blankets are available.


Yoga Nidra is the progressively paced act of letting go, while deeply rejuvenating the body. You do not have to do anything, other than recline or sit relaxing, listen to the guidance, and mentally follow the instructions. You might call it “guided meditation on steroids” or “the ultimate power nap.” Regardless of what you choose to call it, it brings deep healing and restoration.


Yoga Nidra is the perfect antidote to stress, exhaustion, fear, and being overwhelmed.


Your Investment: 25 euros and some time away from the stressful world.


Tea and light snack is served after the practice.

Please, register by sending an email to

Minimum number of attendees: 5

Living the Magic with Yoga

weekend yoga retreat

Belgian Ardennes

In the heart of the Belgian Ardennes lies a fairytale castle. This castle has a long history which now houses a spiritual community. The new residents have thoroughly restored  the castle and transformed it into a true spiritual oasis where you can explore the colourful culture of the Indian traditions.

Oasis of serenity, a sanctuary for the body, heart and mind. It is a perfect ground to rejuvenate and immerge into the magic.


Come, play, relax, learn and be nurtured. Enjoy the absence of TV-sets and iPods.

Take time for yourself, to connect and rediscover the simple pleasure of being you. Drop into the timeless world of yoga.

Leave behind obsolete patterns, and open new potentialities with simple powerful rituals of breath, movement and concentration. Extend your yoga and meditation practices under careful experienced guidance. Relax into the sounds of the forests of the Ardennes. Enjoy healthy and nutritious vegetarian meals. So… arrive, unpack your travel bags and stop thinking!

Dessi offers a fusion of yoga styles open to all levels and a great way to get deeper into the practice of yoga & meditation.

Everything in the universe is vibration. Adjusting yourself to the power of the yoga frequency, will allow you to connect and feel grounded. Your body, your mind, your spirit, literally tuning in and harmonizing with the world within and around you. Practice yoga as the journey to yourself. Connect to your pure self and on the way, strengthen your body. The 2 daily classes are designed to start your day full of energy and slide into the evening restored and relaxed.


Included in the price:

All meals, teas, snacks


All practices


Not included:

 Transportation to and from the Retreat

Gifts, souvenirs


Optional upon early request:





 Driving distance from Groningen is approximately 400km. The castle is around 45km away from Liege.

Arrival and check-in until 16.00

Meet and greet

Early dinner

Evening restorative yoga practice and yoga Nidra



Morning hatha yoga practice


Free time (meditation walks through the grounds and forest; massage upon request; quiet time)



Free time


Yin yoga practice

Mantra Chant in the temple (optional)




 Morning yoga practice


Free time, check out


Laughter yoga

Good bye with a big smile on.


End of May, 2018 (exact dates are coming up)




Early bird registration (end of December, 2017): 240 euros

Bring a friend (end of December, 2017): 225 euros per person


Regular registration (January-end of March, 2018): 280 euros

Bring a friend (January-end of March, 2018): 265 euros per person


Options for single rooms upon request!

The rooms are shared 2, 3, and 4 people.

Private toilet and shower.

Free wifi in the lobby area.

Free parking on premise.


Minimum amount of attendees is 5. Full refund in case of minimum amount of attendees not met.