Newsletter, October 2018

Quality of the Month


“Breath is the vehicle of consciousness and so, by its slow measured observation and distribution, we learn to tug our attention away from external desires toward a judicious, intelligent awareness.”– B.K.S. Iyengar, Light on Life

Dear Friends,


We often speak of yoga as a way of creating a greater integration between mind and body. But often, it may seem like our busy minds get in the way and distract us from deepening fully into our practice - or even getting to the mat.

Breath offers an important vehicle for settling both mind and body and connecting us with a deeper level of awareness, as Mr. Iyengar notes in this week's quote. Breathing exercises can be one of the most powerful ways to get us settled and ready for practice.


I invite you to join our weekly classes, practicing together breathing, awareness, while we take care of our wellbeing.


Your friend in the journey


Make Your Own Natural Cosmetics 2

December 15, 2018


Zetveld 10, De Wilp


We are very excited to offer another workshop for making natural cosmetics! Give yourself the best Christmas gift!


The first one was a winning hit and per popular demand here is the second one.


You are invited to learn how to make your own cosmetics! We will use only natural ingredients together with the purest essential oils. We are going into drier and colder months and our skin will be asking for good nourishment and care. 


The skin is the biggest organ in our body and more often than not we ignore its' health by putting lotions, creams, soaps that are full of chemicals. Not only they cause damage to our skin but they also get inside our bodies making us chronically sick.


Chemical agents cause big havoc in our bodies. Our endocrine system, respiratory system, our entire organism gets damaged. Modern society suffers greatly from asthma, skin allergies, other allergies, infertility, hormonal dysfunctions. 


But there is a solution for keeping our skin healthy and youthful by using only what comes from nature. 


In this workshop we will make two products:


Body Butter, 200ml We will use only pure ingredients and essential oils. This body butter is very moisturising and nourishing for the skin, especially for the dry and cold months.

The regular value for this normally is over 20 euros.


Face Toner, 50ml  We will again use only pure ingredients and essential oils. The regular value for such a product would be 30 euros. This toner is hydrating, cleansing, nourishing.



Price is 30 euros. Includes all the materials.


Last day for registration and payment is November 30.


Register by sending an email to:


Transportation to/from Groningen can be provided for a small charge upon request. Pick up in bus stop Marum is free. 


Looking forward to sharing my experience with all of you!

Chakras, Yoga, Essential Oils, Precious Stones

December 1, 2018


Zetveld 10, De Wilp


Dear friends,


You are invited to a "delicious" for the soul event! This is a great workshop to give yourself a special time before the holiday season begins, and you can also gift this to someone special to show them how much you appreciate them.


During this workshop we will go briefly over the chakras, and we will speak not only about the physical ones but few that are located outside of our bodies. We will discuss what these energy centers do for our wellbeing and health.


We will have a yoga class and meditation designed especially for the chakras.


We will make essential oil blends for each chakra that help to bring us in balance, and we will use only the purest essential oils. You will be taking the 10ml blends home with you for your own use.


We will use precious stones and you will receive a set of stones and bracelets for all the chakras as a gift. You will learn what each one of them does and how to use their healing powers.


At the end we will have a small sample snack that supports each chakra.


Price (includes all materials, stones, essential oils, snack, tea, practice): 49 euros.


Final day for registration and full payment is November 4. 


Reserve your place quickly, there is a limited amount of spots. 


Transportation to/from Groningen can be provided upon request for a small charge. Pick up at the bus stop in Marum is free of charge. 


Please, register by sending an email to:


Your friend in the journey


New Year, New You

January 5, 2019


Zetveld 10, De Wilp




Begin 2019 the right way!


Taking care of your wellbeing, happiness, rejuvenation! This will be the theme of this workshop! We will work on releasing all of that accumulated stress that the busy-ness during the holidays can bring, and we will set ourselves for a successful 2019. We will also set an intention for the year ahead.


During this workshop we will combine yin yoga together with some restorative yoga to deeply let go and dissolve tensions on physical, mental and emotional levels.


We will end the yoga practice with a long, specifically designed, guided relaxation to allow the body to fully absorb all the benefits. 


We will also use the powerful healing properties of pure essential oils during the practice AND you will receive a roll-on essential oil blend to use at home for when you need a little mood boost during the dark winter months. There will also be a surprise gift!


We will end the afternoon with a delicious, hearty and nutritious meal together in the studio.


Please register below or send an email to:


Price: 35 euros (includes the practice, meal, drinks, essential oils)


Final day for registration is December 28, 2018.

Full registration is considered after submission of payment. Maximum amount of attendees is 12.


If you need transportation to and from Groningen, let us know in advance and we can provide it for a small charge. Pick up from bus stop in Marum is free of charge.