Class description

Hatha yoga, Level 1, Level 2

Hatha yoga is the oldest known yoga practice, combining physical postures (asanas) and breathing techniques (pranayama). By working together with body and breathing the mind follows and integration happens. Yoga means integration, and by connecting the body and the mind we create the pathway to our spirit and spiritual practice.

This class is taught with modifications according to each one’s ability, advancement, and daily disposition.


Back and hip flexibility

Class intended to work on releasing tensions accumulated in the hip and lower back areas. No previous yoga experience is required.

Prenatal Yoga

Class designed for the moms-to-be. Learn to relax, connect to your growing baby, manage lower back pains.

Yin Yoga

 The objectives of yin yoga are the same as other yoga schools of practice, however the asana portion of the practice is performed mainly by the connective tissues ( joints, ligaments, bones ) and not as in the more active yoga practice where the main focus of the asanas is on the muscles. This practice is more passive to the observer but the work happens on a deeper level since we are using the deeper tissues. In general, postures are held somewhere from 1 to 20 minutes.


 No previous experience is required.

Lymphatic Yoga

 The lymphatic system is the fundamental “water reservoir” of the body. In order to function properly and to purify our cells it needs to be in constant movement and flow. Breathing, exercise and drinking plenty of water are necessary for this system to work optimally.

 Yoga is a proven method over thousands of years old and is the only form of exercise truly concerned with body oxygenation, given the countless ancient breathing techniques included in the practice.

 This class comprises of carefully selected postures and breathing techniques to help the lymphatic system to move properly, in order to cleanse and at the same time nourish our cells.


No previous experience is required.


Breathing and Meditation

 Using different breathing techniques to calm our mind and get rid of daily stress. Through the use of breathing techniques we get to the meditation practice. No previous experience is required.

Children Yoga

 The intention of this class is to introduce the little ones to yoga in a playful and fun way.

 Ages 4 - 10

Bring your child to yoga

 This class is not in the form of a group class but rather individual practice according to your own needs and disposition at the moment. You are provided with individual assistance from the teacher. Your child may enjoy time on the mat together with you or may explore the surroundings with other children. It is important to pay attention to your child during this practice as there is no child minder available. It is preferable to provide the special entertainment you may think your child will need to preserve rather quiet and peaceful environment.

Chair yoga

 For everyone with a limited mobility! We get the same effects of a regular yoga class but we use a chair to modify the poses.