From me to you

Welcome To Our True Yoga and Essentials Center



I am Dessi, a mother, yogini, woman, adventurer,

founder of True Yoga Center.


My passion lies in helping people to awaken the power

that is present in all of us,

the power that rejuvenates, nourishes, heals and transforms.

The power of love is the force that makes everything happen, creates and inspires.


The power of nature, present in all five elements, helps us to understand and

experience the perfect synergy, the universal balance.


Our center is a place to feel inspired to breathe more freely, connect deeper,

love more, forgive fully and move towards greater and full of vitality life for all.


Join us in the invitation of live events, retreats, classes, home practice tools,

meditation, celebrations, ceremonies.

We are passionate about natural spirituality, regenerating self-care, vital health,

deep connection with all living things.


Learning always


All are welcome