My Story

My journey of yoga began close to 20 years ago when I was brought into a very secluded and cozy yoga studio by a dear friend. It was during that lunch break practice that my love for yoga sparked up. The way I felt after that one hour of yoga was nothing that I had ever felt before. It was my body and my mind that felt absolutely free and my spirit was rekindled. This day I decided that I needed to know everything that was taking place and how.


Fast forward many years later, years of teacher trainings, years of personal daily application of all the aspects of yoga, numerous workshops, many ancient literature studies and texts, connecting with countless likeminded people, I know what rejuvenating benefits to our life yoga brings. 


Finding the connection to the true source, the joy within, the reservoir of our own wisdom is the secret for happy living. I am grateful for the expansion this path has lead my way and brought me in close connections with people from all around the world. 


I have learned that health practices together with allowing the flow of creativity, love, community are the true ways for one to thrive. 


My mission is to share my knowledge with all that are looking for it, to bring more people together in their determination to find the connection with the source of wisdom, bliss, joy, health, love within.


Follow your truth.


Love all ways.


See you along the way.


Your friend in the journey.