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About me

Dessi Georgieva, RYT 500 is the Founder of True Yoga & Essentials. She is a Yoga Instructor with over 15 years of studying and teaching experience. 

Dessi was first introduced to yoga in her early twenties but did not pursue a further study of it yet. Later, after she had already been living in the US for a few years, she was brought by “coincidence” to a yoga class that transformed everything she knew about life until that point. She fell in love not only with the physical practice but more importantly with the philosophy and spiritual knowledge. Yoga became not just something to teach, but her lifestyle. She believes that practicing yoga is not something that only happens on the mat but an everyday way of approaching life and others. It is a lifelong study of personal development and betterment. 

From 2008 she studied under the famous author and Yoga Master, the founder of Lymphatic Yoga, Edely Wallace. Edely is also a former Executive Board Member and Treasurer of Yoga Alliance USA and comes from the yoga lineage of the famous author and Yoga Master Andre Van Lysebeth, and several other yoga traditions such as Iyengar, Desikachar, Kripalu and Sivananda. Respectively, Dessi is following in the same lineage of yoga traditions and has adopted their yoga teachings to give and teach to others. She teaches alignment based Hatha yoga primarily but explores teaching pranayama, meditation, yin yoga as well. Dessi is a member of Yoga Alliance as 500RYT (Registered Yoga Teacher with advanced education of 500 hours). 

Dessi is an accomplished teacher in asanas ( physical postures ), pranayama ( breathing techniques ), yoga nidra ( deep relaxation ). 

Dessi’s qualifications are: 

Hatha Yoga: 500 RYT ( Registered Yoga Teacher with an advanced education of 500 hours by Yoga Alliance USA ) The form of yoga as it was taught by the sages in ancient India. 

Yin Yoga: Certification of 500 RYT education. Yin Yoga targets tendons, ligaments and bones while promoting a deeper release and relaxation. 

Prenatal Yoga: Certification of 500 RYT education. Class specifically designed for the moms-to-be. 

Chair Yoga: Certification of 500 RYT education. Bringing the benets of the yoga practice to those with a limited mobility. 

Lymphatic Yoga: Certification of 500 RYT education. A unique form of yoga, created by the Yoga Master Edely Wallace that works on activating the lymphatic system ( our immune system ), allowing it to cleanse while at the same time nourishing and oxygenating our bodies. 

Dessi has a M.A. in Portuguese and French philologies from Sofia University in Bulgaria and a M.A. in Mass Media Communications from the University of Central Florida in USA. Her passion for academic studies and deeper knowledge followed her love for spiritual yoga studies and practice. Her enthusiasm shows in her profound, gentle and yet precise way she leads her classes, leaving her students feeling joyful and connected to their own wellbeing.